Thursday, March 16, 2006

March 2006 Pick: Be Happy or I'll Scream

Our book club is dedicated to books that speak to women and their experience. This month we’ve chosen a very dynamic woman who speaks her mind to Charlotte women and women around the nation every day. Author Sheri Lynch is probably better known for her day job. She’s witty co-host of the popular “Bob and Sheri” show, heard here in the Queen City on 107.9, the Link and around the country. Her latest book, “Be Happy or I'll Scream: My Deranged Quest for the Perfect Husband, Family, and Life” delves into the deeply rich experience of juggling a successful career, marriage and children all the while attempting to craft the “perfect” family.

Lynch credits and blames TV for creating a skewed version of family life. After years of being bombarded by the images of happy nuclear families somehow the lines between fantasy and reality became blurred. Lynch takes you through her life with her husband, stepson, and two pre-school aged daughters. If you’ve ever tried to get some quality time with your spouse, planned a birthday party or help your child do their homework late into the night, you’ll know how agonizing it can all be. It’s written with the same healthy dose of self-deprecating humor that’s heard on Lynch’s popular show. But it’s ultimate gift to readers is that her core message is ultimately being able to accept that even if you feel harried and worn out, you can still enjoy your life…without it being perfect.

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