Monday, September 19, 2005

CW October Pick: Too Late for Angels

With fall just around the corner, soon leaves will be turning colors, apple cider will be brewing and pumpkin patches will sprout up all over. This is when I think the southeast is at its loveliest. I remember growing up by the books that I read and fall always meant turning to one of my favorite genres: mysteries.

Our latest pick, “Too Late for Angels” by Mignon Ballard is a delightful combination of all those elements. The book is the latest in a delightful series by a local author that knows how to capture life in a quaint South Carolina town. Small town living includes neighbors that look in on each other and the delicious aroma of cheese straws wafting through the air. But when something goes awry and the town's theater and music aficionado has just been found dead of an apparent fall from a tower, life in Stone's Throw takes on a sinister twist. But help comes by decidedly divine intervention in the form of Augusta Goodnight, a bona fide guardian angel who comes to help with delicious strawberry muffins in tow. This book gives a nod to Agatha Christie with a southern twist and is a great read with some very delicious recipes intertwined.

Join us at 7PM on October 20, 2005 as we meet at Joseph-Beth Booksellers with the series author, Mignon Ballard to discuss this delightful book. Please don't forget to RSVP at:

Nonfiction Pick: The Lady and the Panda

CW Book Club Member Octavia Eisen is so passionate about the book, “The Lady and the Panda” by Vicki Constantine Croke that we are making it a supplemental pick for this month. It’s the real-life story of socialite Ruth Harkness’s amazing journey as she traveled to the far reaches of China to capture a rare and elusive panda. Set during the 1930's, Harkness's drive to continue her late husband's legacy is both endearing and heart-stopping.

Continue to check back for more details on when in October we'll be meeting to discuss this fascinating book!

For those who need a daily dose of panda-monium, check out the latest panda cubs on pandacam at Washington D.C.'s National Zoological Park at :

Stephanie Kallos

Thank you Stephanie Kallos for making our latest event so wonderful!

Ms. Kallos was very illuminating in discussing how "Broken for You" came to life. After a seven-year journey, while writing through motherhood and major life changes, this brilliant book found its way into the hands of the very smart people at Grove Press. Kallos talked about how it was her publishing a small story in an online journal that gleaned her the notice of an agent's assistant. That led to agent representation which was quickly followed by an auction of her work and her finding a home at Grove. The rest is history!

It was a great evening shared with a great talent!
For more on Stephanie, click on to her website at: