Monday, November 22, 2010

Anne Fortier Chat Rescheduled

Due to a number of tech issues, we had to reschedule the video chat with author Anne Fortier.

We so apologize to all those who were at Barnes & Noble and those who tried to log on at home. We're trying to find a date to resked with the author. It will most likely be towards the end of December.

Many thanks to all and thank you for your patience!

All the best,

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Online video chat with "Juliet" author Anne Fortier

Hi all,

Please join us Monday, Nov. 22 at 7 PM to chat with author "Juliet" Anne Fortier.
This is an AMAZING book! And you'll enjoy talking with this spectacular author.
You can join us in one of two ways:
1. You can come watch the video chat at Barnes & Noble at Carolina Place Mall. Come to the second floor and ask for Becky, who will be in the cookbook section.
2. You can participate in the chat from the comfort of your home or office with the following directions below.

Details to chat with "Juliet" author Anne Fortier.

Join our online webinar:

The meeting password is: books.

You can use your own computer's speakers and microphone to chat with the author.

2. Or you can just listen to the audio portion of the call. Call-in at toll number 408-600-3600 and put in the access code:807 175 737.

Have any questions? E-mail me at