Thursday, January 21, 2010

Penn, Pattinson circle 'Water'

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One of my all-time favorite books and one of our previous book club selections, Sara Gruen's "Water for Elephants," is being made into a movie.

Slated to star is Reese Witherspoon. And currently the studio is talking to Sean Penn and "Twilight's" Robert Pattinson. Read more on "Variety." Penn, Pattinson circle 'Water'

Brace for Impact Signing at Park Road Books

Hi everyone,

Who can believe it's been a year since we first heard of Capt. Sullenburger and the entire crew of US Air Flight 1548?

A number of survivors on the flight will be at Park Road Books this Saturday at 2 PM for a signing of their new book, "Brace for Impact." Visit PRB's website for more details.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Game Change: The Book I Cannot Put Down

I was thrilled to receive a copy of "Game Change" the hot new political book about the 2008 race Friday. I thought I'd read a few pages over the weekend and savor it. NOT! I cannot put this book down. My eyes were so tired from reading half the book that by Saturday night they were watering.

I'll have more later this week including an interview with the authors but wanted to share that if you are even remotely interested in living history, run, don't walk, to pick up a copy of this book.


A New Kind of Book Tour

Ever wonder what book tours are like for authors? Stephen Elliott shares his own DIY book tour in a fascinating new essay in the New York Times.

Having gone on tour last year, I can tell you that it's somewhat of a surreal experience. Sometimes you have big crowds, sometimes, not so big. But it absolutely is a completely different dimension than writing the book. One of the most satisfying, for me at least, was hearing how your book impacted a person and that they were able to put to use some of the concepts and ideas in your book to much success.

The dynamic between author and reader is so important. You need both. If you're a reader, consider going out to a reading a month. It brings a book to life in a way you probably never expected.