Wednesday, June 08, 2005



Welcome to the best book blog ever!

My name is Alison Woo and I've been a passionate reader of books since I was two-years-old!

This summer, I'm launching a book club with the The Charlotte Weekly and Joseph-Beth Booksellers. I invite you to join us on this great adventure. We're going to be meeting monthly at the new and phenomenal Joseph-Beth bookstore at SouthPark Mall in south Charlotte. Each month, a new selection will be posted here on the site and we'll be lucky enough to spend some quality time with the author to talk about their book. We'd all love to have you come join us in person, but if you can't, you can come right here to this spot and tell what you thought about the book.

This space is just for the readers. It's here to help you share your passion, talk to other book-lovers, let us know what you're reading and share your favorite books.

Let the reading begin!


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