Monday, September 19, 2005

Nonfiction Pick: The Lady and the Panda

CW Book Club Member Octavia Eisen is so passionate about the book, “The Lady and the Panda” by Vicki Constantine Croke that we are making it a supplemental pick for this month. It’s the real-life story of socialite Ruth Harkness’s amazing journey as she traveled to the far reaches of China to capture a rare and elusive panda. Set during the 1930's, Harkness's drive to continue her late husband's legacy is both endearing and heart-stopping.

Continue to check back for more details on when in October we'll be meeting to discuss this fascinating book!

For those who need a daily dose of panda-monium, check out the latest panda cubs on pandacam at Washington D.C.'s National Zoological Park at :

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