Monday, January 24, 2011

Steve Harvey Rocks the House!

Photo Credit: By Adriana Medina
Steve Harvey feels his mission is to empower women. During his visit to a packed Barnes & Noble at the Arboreteum this weekend, he shared his story. Six years ago his life changed and he's now doing something for women. He believes that "failure is a wonderful teacher." He feels he hasn't always gotten it right, so the books are about him and sometimes his friends and trying to get it right.
Question for Harvey: "Due to the advent of social media sites such as Facebook and, many people are reconnecting with former loves. From a male perspective, if a guy finds and reconnects with a former love, what's he thinking, what does that mean to him?"
His respond was that this is exactly what happened to him. His wife was a woman he had dated 20 years earlier. He thinks that the reconnection is "God telling you, 'let me show it to you again. Please, listen to me this time.'" I asked him if he thought it was any different if a woman reconnected with the man, and he responded, "No. Love is love." As he answered other questions, he mentioned his belief about men, specifically, that "real men need to take care of business." And that "if [a man] promises something to a woman, he needs to keep that promise."
He also expressed his belief about women. He said, "women, you are so powerful. A man cannot hold your hand without your permission. He cannot hug you without your permission. He cannot kiss you without your permission. He cannot lay with you without your permission. Women, you are so powerful. Stop giving up your power."
By Adriana Medina, CW Book Club member

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