Sunday, August 14, 2005

A reader talks about Vino, Vino

We love hearing from all of you. CW book club member Marty Goodman shared this from her recent trip to Venice and her stop at Vino, Vino-a pivotal place in A Thousand Days in Venice.

"I just returned from Venice yesterday, and we had a drink at Vino Vino. My husband and I always go there since I read the book a few years ago. We wanted our friends to enjoy it, too. I thought of 'the stranger' seeing her through the window. A friend who was reading the book as we traveled was amazed to "live in the book".

The big thing there is the price. Our group had a glass of prosecco, 2 red wines, a beer, and a scotch for less than 10 euros. Now that is a place to have a drink!"

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