Friday, August 19, 2005

September Pick: Broken for You

Our September pick is "Broken For You."

This debut novel from author Stephanie Kallos tells the story of two women of different generations whose lives intersect at the most unusual time. Margaret Hughes is a woman whose life of luxury may be coming to a precipitous end. She has lived a life of extreme wealth in the Pacific Northwest but she remains surrounded by things not people. Wanda is a twenty-something woman who traveled west for love. But fate intervened and soon, when she finds herself needing a place to live, she rents a room in Margaret’s mansion.

Wanda has a penchant for mending things: broken china, fractious relationships and life. Margaret soon learns that by opening her home to Wanda, she opened her life to a whole new dimension of life that she never imagined. Soon her life becomes flooded with new possibilities, new people and a renewed zest for life that she never dreamed was possible. This novel celebrates the idea that perfection in life is not mandatory and that some things that are broken in our life can and should be repaired.

Join us at Joseph-Booksellers at SouthPark Mall on Monday, September 12th at 7PM where we’ll have an extraordinary chance to talk in-depth with the author from her home in Seattle, WA.

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